Ayanna Mills Ambrose (Gallow), M.B.A.



Ayanna Mills Ambrose (Gallow), MBA is an International Bestselling Author and 17X Best-selling Author. Ayanna is a Temple University alumni, a native of New York and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ayanna is also a Hip Hop music enthusiast. Her purpose is to be an intersection between the Bible, (God), and the community, (Hip Hop), in order to help others create success. Her mission is to help others Heal Internal Pain (HIP) so that they can have Happiness, Opportunities and Prosperity (HOP). In 2019, Ayanna was ordained and licensed as an Evangelist. Through her company, Thanx-A-Mills LLC, Ayanna uses her voice and published writings to inspire and strengthen families and relationships in African American communities. Above all else, Ayanna’s favorite role is being a mom to her sons, Colby and Caleb, who are both bestselling authors at the ages of 9 and 12.

You can learn more about Ayanna from her bestselling novels, “God & Hip Hop”, “Black Man Preferred” and “From Glass to Stone” all available locally and internationally.

My Story

As a child growing up in Freeport, NY, I was silenced due to trauma. I was born 6 weeks after my mother’s 13th birthday as a result of rape and the rapist was her step dad who still lived in the home.

To escape the drama around the events at home, I put 100% into school and learning.I achieved perfect attendance from elementary through high school and I graduated every school and college I attended with high honors.My work ethic enabled me to exceed in school and to exceed my financial goals by age 40. However, the silent inner child wouldn’t allow me to enjoy success on the inside.I was always the voice of reason for everyone in my life. I believe this was due to my overly kind and generous spirit developed to receive acceptance from others and to avoid confrontation.

Well, my kindness worked in my favor in February of 2019, when I was being that voice of reason for a friend. He told me that he wished he could hear that kind of message every day. I said, “ok, I will write you a book. I will write you a devotional so that you can read a chapter every day.”60 days later, I published that devotional after spending tons of money. Through that devotional I spoke about things that would bring healing to my friend and people like him. During the writing process was when I realized I was still being silent and afraid to tell my story. Therefore, I told my story in that devotional and it felt so free. 

After the book was released, several people gave testimonials about how my story helped them. This inspired me to tell more…..and now my silence was broken. The best part about this is I fell in love with writing. I started writing and now I can’t stop. In 2019, I published 2 bestselling novels and 7 bestselling journals. I published 9 bestsellers in less than 9 months. Now, I am at 10!Becoming a bestseller took me from being unwanted to sought after.

I was on the Oprah Winfrey Networking speaking, a name to know tv, courageous conversations radio, and many more podcast and speaking engagements.More importantly, being a bestseller helped me to be my best self while setting an example for my sons. I am happy they caught on quickly and now have 4 books in total at 9 and 12 years old:)I am now an advocate for Black boys and men to redefine their image motivated by my sons being black boys. I went from the silent child to the public speaker.

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