Bestselling Books

In From Glass to Stone, the 10 bestselling authors take you on a journey to show how life’s most difficult problems can be transformed into successful outcomes. By discussing their own personal transformations, the authors show you how to develop resilience to overcome any obstacle. “From Glass To Stone” Landing Page Below.

God & Hip Hop, is a 21 day devotional where the author, Ayanna Mills Gallow, applies biblical principles as a solution to issues vocalized in Hip Hop music. The inspiration of this connection between God and Hip Hop was derived from the author not having a spiritual connection when she was younger, but having a love for Hip Hop music. Each chapter or “track” has a relation to hip hop and a verse(s) from the Bible.  God & Hip Hop book landing page below.  Click below to purchase.
The purpose of this book is to encourage and motivate boys & men to live up to their full potential while making a positive impact in society.
The purpose is also to increase awareness on common mistakes made by some men so that others can avoid them, while strengthening relationships and fatherhood. “Black Man Preferred” landing page below.