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Please join me, Live every Sunday evening in the month of October, at 6:00 pm est. for my special series called “Books & Money”

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On Books & Money, I will be interviewing fellow Best-selling authors, so that they can provide other authors and aspiring authors with information on how to monetize their bestselling books.

Our gifted bestselling authors are:

Mr. Bryan Majors, Kay. Shauntay, The Poet, Jessica Lee Ann, and Dr. Lillian Gibson

Bryan Majors: Sunday, Oct 4

Bryan Majors is a Leadership & Character Development Teacher and a #1 Bestselling Author of his break out novel, “Training For Triumph” which is a leadership and character development book to magnify one’s success.

Training For Triumph reconditions the mind to desire accomplishment. Training For Triumph gives the reader real-life strategies to apply to personal and professional development Bryan is now a supreme professional speaker, entrepreneur, and nationally recognized preparation specialist. He has earned his place as one of the most vibrant show-stopping performers at conferences worldwide delivering leadership & mental preparation based strategies that have an immediate impact.

Kay. Shauntay, The Poet: Sunday, October 11th

Kay. Shauntay, The Poet, was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She has always sought to help, encourage, motivate, and show tough-love to anyone under her influence. All in an effort to bring out the Best in others.

Yet, in doing so, Kay. Shauntay often put herself on hold when it came to crafting Greatness. Now, she is on a road of Self-discovery. She has exchanged her former dream of becoming an attorney for her current dream of becoming an author, song-writer, & Grammy winner. To say the least, she is becoming everything that God designed her to be. HALLELUJAH!

Jessica Lee Ann: Sunday, October 18th

Jessica LeeAnn is a Bestselling Author, Editor, and Author Brand Coach. While she enjoys writing her own books, she’s more passionate about teaching aspiring authors how to successfully write and publish their books, as well as build their signature and unique author brands from scratch. To date, Jessica has worked with over 200 authors.

Dr. Lillian Gibson: Sunday, October 25th

Dr. Lillian Gibson is a self published author and millennial woman who successfully juggles her career as a psychologist while being a wife, and mother to their preschool-aged daughter and son. She specializes in helping modern wives uncover their spousal identities for increased happiness as discussed in her best selling book “Miss to Mrs.: How phenomenal women can enjoy a happy marriage.” She believes that women’s emotional freedom, wellness, and productivity are rooted in self-care. 

Ayanna Mills Gallow, MBA: Host of Books & Money

Ayanna is also an Evangelist, a 10 time+ #1 Best Selling Author, and Anthologist. Ayanna’s books are not only bestselling in the United States, where she lives, but also in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Europe, and India. Recently, Ayanna’s break out novel, God & Hip Hop: 21 Day Biblical Devotional Inspired by Hip Hop, landed on the charts in Italy and Brazil.

Ayanna is the CEO of Thanx-A-Mills, LLC, a company she developed for book publishing and self-publishing consultations. Ayanna uses her strong literary skills as a facilitator at Authors Millionaire Mindset where she teaches students to achieve immediate results. Ayanna can be found at and

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