Ready To Become A Best-Selling Author?

I am Ayanna, also known as The Queen of Bestselling Books. I’m the CEO of Thanx A Mills – Self-Publishing Consultant Company and specialize in writing, marketing/publishing your book so that it will be a bestseller!

How To Gain Authority As A Bestselling Author

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What’s Your Situation?

Step 1: I Need Help Writing

Are you a woman who wants to be an
author, but lack the confidence or
experience? I can help! With my services
as The Queen of Bestselling Books and
in collaboration with other authors, we
will create your story into something

Step 2: I’m Ready To Publish

The next best thing to being an author is having a publishing company take care of everything for you! At Thanx A Mills, we take you through every step of publishing your own creative work.

Step 3: I Want My Published Book To Become An Amazon Bestseller

You can be an expert in your field! You don’t need a large author platform if your goal is to be a bestseller. That’s
where my services come in – they help to
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